Link to Stack in a Stack doesn't work


I have a menu-item with a link to a Paragraph in a Tabs Stack. The link therefore is:

<li class="menu-item1"><a href="#stacks_in_20320_page4_panel1"></a></li>

That works.

Now I putted a content scroller Stack around the Paragraph but now the Text in the Paragraph isn’t shown anymore. Then I tried this link:

<li class="menu-item1"><a href="#stacks_in_20320_page4_panel1 #stacks_in_2609_page4"></a></li>

The stacks_in_2609_page4 is the div id of the Paragraph.
The content scroller I can see by giving it a backgroundcolour.

What is wrong with the Paragraph?

Just a quick thought - try Bryn Owens PostSwitch stack. I think it will do what you want. I am passing a variable (keyword) via the URL and using it to display material. I appreciate it doesn’t answer your exact problem, but might do instead that which you require.