Deleting a section of HTML in a header

I only bought Rapid Weaver yesterday. I’m managing to find my way around pretty well but cannot find a way to delete a section of HTML from the header I’m working on.
Can anyone help please?
Many thanks


Need more info…

Theme name and version?
Page Type that this is behaving on
Screen capture of the issue

Hopefully someone will be able to help with that information otherwise it’s just a guessing game :slight_smile:


Sorry about that Turtle
As I said I’m new to Rapid Weaver and not used to using themes.
RW6 is the Version Number if that’s what you needed or do the themes have version numbers?
The theme in question is Autumn and the code I wish to remove is the H1 and H2 tags in the section shown below.



I can see the code but not delete it.
Back to you please.


Sorry Turtle
It’s transposed the code back to the text.
Will try again shorty.

Welcome Gordoni!

You’re in good hands with Turtle :slight_smile:

May I just ask, Why do you want to delete sections of H1, H2?

Would changing their attributes also work for you? If so, then investigating how to add custom definitions in custom CSS is a very good way to go.

Good luck!

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You can deselect title and slogan here.
But you cannot edit the source code in RapidWeaver.

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You can use Markdown to show code in the forum.
Use before and after the code this sign `

Your code.




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In theme Autumn this code in CSS section helps too.
But now you can no longer use h1 and h2 sections on your page.

h1, h2 { display: none; }

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My thanks to all.
Oscar - Can the code be edited by using an Add-On please? Stacks or something?
I really am new to this. Rapid weaver is new and I’ve just changed from 30 years with Windows to an iMac with OS X.
I’m also 77 years old and had a long illness. Web site building is my one occupation to pass the time.
Sorry - Not looking for sympathy - just help.
I’ve always coded my sites long hand in the past. Just trying to save time.

Thank you again, all of you.

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You cannot edit code in RW, but you can add code for different things.

That’s RapidWeaver, building websites without coding :wink:

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Hello again Oscar
Your snippet for “display none” worked OK thank you. I realise the problems with other h1 & h2 elements on the page.
MarkSealey asked why I wanted to remove the h1 & h2. All I want in the header is an image and a background colour.
You mention using MARKDOWN in one message.
I haven’t been able to find that in any of the menus. Can you point me to it please.
Just as a final word - are you saying that there are no add-onns that will allow or enable altering the coding of a theme please?
My thanks again - Sorry if I appear a bit dumb.

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Markdown sign ` can you find on your keyboard.
You find it here with shift.

You can use the HTML Plugin/page type or the HTML Stack for coding.
But then, why RapidWeaver.

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You have been so helpful Oscar and I do appreciate it.
As I said, I have always coded my sites in an HTML / CSS editor and feel comfortable with that. Once I feel at home with RW then hopefully I can use more of its own facilities. I run a couple of sites for local charities and, being housebound, it gives me something to do.
Is there a way of starting a site without using a theme or, alternatively, can you suggest a theme with very little in it please?
My thanks again.

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If you un-tick the settings for Title and Slogan in Settings > Generalby clicking on the wrench (spanner) icon as @Oscar posted above, you will not have that H1 and H2 text in the header. The text you are seeing is the “Title” and “Slogan” and those settings work site-wide. Then you can still use H1 and H2 in other instances as needed on that page, and other pages on the site.



Hi Gordon, i suggest you get this free theme, it is called BLANK

I hope it is exactly what you need/want.

Foundation from Joe Workman is also free, you dont need to spend £100 on the Stacks, just get the free theme, which is also BLANK Foundation 6 Stacks for RapidWeaver


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To: Turtle - Mark Sealey - Oscar - Thang and Timmytoad
My sincere thanks for all your help. I’ll play around for a couple of weeks now and try to get the hang of RW. I checked out a great deal of software before deciding on this and am pleased with my choice.
You have all been very kind.

Thank you all.

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You’ve made a good choice in RW.

There’s always someone here to help you.

Your idea of experimenting is a good one.

There are lots of tools and add ons; before you know it you’ll have become familiar with RW’s terminology and preferred ways to do things.

Good luck - and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Hello Mark
I just clicked on your icon and note that you are a writer and poet amongst other things.
One of my older sites is at if you care to take a look. Nothing special site-wise but some of the content may be of interest to you. The cartoons are a recent and experimental addition and need to be considerably reduced in size. By its very nature the site is mainly “text centered” and not easy to make “attractive”.

Kindest regards

Thanks, Gordon! Good luck with the development of this site :slight_smile: