Headsup: Stripe now offering Klarna

This may be of big interest to some; I’ve just heard from Stripe that they are now offering Klarna as part of their checkout procedure.

If you are not familiar with Klarna, it’s a global payment spread solution. Details

If you use a stack for your checkouts, it’s most likely the dev will need to update to add the Klarna option. For what it’s worth I’ve just had a quote from the people who maintain the online store script (pHPJabber) that I use for most clients and they have quoted a very modest price, so I’d suggest it’s a fairly straightforward update.

To update, I;m just out of a qwuick meet with Stripe. I’ve discovered the following…

  1. There is no need for the seller to have a Klarna account.
  2. There is no minumum turnover to offer the payment option.
  3. UK fees are here: https://stripe.com/gb/pricing/local-payment-methods#klarna

Bit of useful background on this which might be helpful.

In the UK there is no need for a credit brokers licence to offer finance up to 12months. I don’t think you need to register with teh FCA either, but maybe check that. I used to be a licenced broker and was registered as i offered finance up to 36months, and at the time you didn’t need to register for 12months or less, but that was many years ago so things might have changed.

Roughly speaking it’s 5% of the purchase price plus 20p in fees for a buyer to finance or spread the cost over 3 months. This is in addition to the Stripe fees. That might sound high, but for retail finance that’s really cheap, most of the big players charge over 10% as a base.

Hope that helps anyone who sells online, or has clients that sell online (like me).

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Nice one.

Using Klarna with many commercial and gaming projects for yars now. A pain to integrate with :joy: With Stripe as the PGW, it makes things easer.

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