Hello - How do I add a google form to my rapid weaver site

Can anyone advise me on how I add a google form to my rapid weaver website? I’m afraid I’m a bit of a rapid weaver novice - so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Warm wishes


You put the code that you get from Google into a html stack…

  • In Google Forms, open a form.
  • At the top right, click Send.
  • At the top of the window, click Embed.
  • To copy the HTML that appears, click Copy.
  • Paste the HTML into a html stack on your page.

I’ve never used Google forms, but I think you can either use a link to the form or embed the form in the page. If you embed I believe it runs as an iFrame so it might not be very responsive.

If you chose the external link and you want it as part of site navigation, add it as an offsite page.

If you’re embedding the form then treat the code as HTML.

You might have concerns for customers privacy, as Google will have and keep all information that is provided on the form. You definitely should make sure you disclose that in privacy policy and follow any privacy laws that you are subject to.

Thankyou for this advice I will try it over the weekend !!!

Warm wishes


Thankyou - I will try out Steve’s suggestion and disclose as you suggest in our privacy policy.

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