How to embed the HTML for a webform in RW7

I need to embed the HTML link for a newsletter sign up form. I’m going to use Vertical Response and their instructions for embedding follow:

you just need to copy it and then paste it into the HTML code of your site.

Okay, I went to the Code page in RW settings, but HTML isn’t listed. I looked at “Body” but since I use a Mac and software like RW to avoid learning code, I’m not sure if that’s where it should go. I also read the discussion about the user trying to center his form, but he was already a step ahead.

it did make me wonder if I needed an HTML stack to be able to place it where I want on the page. (Would need to know where to get that!) Or the Center Stack for the home page. I thought it might be more user friendly to have one that pops up on just the home page, and static subscribe links at the bottom of the remaining pages. I’ve noticed I don’t like clicking through a site and being hit multiple pop ups.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

thanking you in advance,

ginger hanson

Are you using a stacks page?

If so, just add a html stack and paste the code in.

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Yes, it’s a stacks page. I have the basic YourHead stacks (3.6.1) plus Joe Workman’s Responsive Columns, Fluid Columns and Images. Do any of those work? I’ll go check to see if JW has that stack. Any other suggestions welcomed!



I’m pretty sure it actually comes with the Stacks plug in along with some other basic stacks.

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Okay, I’ll go bug Christi over at YourHead b/c the only HTML stack I could find in the RW addons was $30.00. More for folks who know what they’re doing, I think.


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Quick thank you for the screen shot! Christi also sent me one. Frankly, I had never noticed the word “Basic” although I’m always dropping Text into Stacks. In my defense, It is a light gray and I do tend to speed read.

BTW, it seems to be working on the MadMini webform. I’m getting people to try it out to see if I did indeed install it correctly.

thanks, again Scott and Joe!


You can also find the “built-in” stacks by selecting the Star icon:


and you can also have them sort to the top:

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