Help Achieving Text Emphasis Effect


Could you take a look at this Engineering Design page and get me started on how I could achieve this effect in Rapidweaver?

Hover over “Science and Engineering Practices” then move to “Disciplinary Core Ideas.”

See how the text in the Performance Expectations boxes above changes color? Cool and effective!



On an iPad, a touch screen device, so it has no hover effect.

Maik Barz “Content Switcher” stack can do this.

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Yes, that looks like it would do it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Doug, thanks getting me to think about how this effect would work on touch screen devices. I visited the page on an iPad. Tapping has the same effect as hovering. However, the effect worked everytime on a laptop, but not as evenly on the iPad.

Yeah, On my iPad (just went back and tried again) it sometimes works on tap. The other thing to consider is would a user know to tap? I wouldn’t know to do that; it’s not apparent that at least on that site, I could tap it. The changes also occur above the trigger so on a smaller screen the user may have scrolled past what has changed before triggering the change.