Help! All resources got unlinked

I recently upgraded vom rw6.4 to rw8 and in my huge webside with around 2000 links to old resources each and every link isn’t working. I spent already half a day with migrating stacks and themes and plugins and so on, but now I’m completly frustrated. The update is turning out to be a nightmare and I simply can’t relink all my resources.

Can anybody help or is anyone experiencing the same problem?

Besides newly added resources work fine in rw8 but the migrated ones do not …

Not had this issue at all when upgrading fro 7 - 8. Not tried 6-8 I don’t think, Did you move the folder(s) containing your resource items on your mac?

Well, I never had Version 7 so I can’t know.
And no i did not move any folder or resource file and besides I still have the old rw6 file and there all the resources are linked and I can see that in the rw preview even before uploading. But as soon as I convert the file to rw8 the resources are not linked anymore even though they still show the right location when I open the link, but rw won’t show any pdf files and when I try to relink them or try to reveal them in the finder nothing happens or I get an alert. So in my opinion thats a major bug, that is purely an rw issue.

You can download RapidWeaver 7 here and then try this:

Thanks. I have a similar issue - having both migrated from RW 6.4 to RW 8 and to a new Mac. I realise that I’ve complicated things by not simply restoring time machine - but I wanted a clean build as my old Mac has lots of old legacy stuff.

Is there an easy way to migrate and the resource holder contents in one hit?
Most of my resources on the old Mac were grouped into specific folders. Can I just copy these to a location on the new Mac and relink them somehow?

You should typically use Apple Migration Assistant when moving to a new Mac. Look in your Utilities folder for Migration Assistant.

Well, after a lot of testing and trying I’ve come to the conclusion, that the update problem with the broken links concerning the resources folder is a – at least for me – major bug. Real mac can’t be serious in selling this update.

  1. If I use the rw6 file everything is working fine.
  2. if I update to rw 7.5 the resources links all don’t work anymore.
    3 if I update to rw 8 it’s the same.
  3. I never touched or changed the resources folder (neither on my mac nor in rw).
  4. None of the mentioned tricks are working (re-saving etc.).
  5. I really can’t relink all my resource files (around 2000 links to pdf or mp3 files).
  6. I have to stay with rw6 because I’m not willing to be realmacs beta tester.
  7. If this bug won’t be fixed somehow, I can not use my paid update.
    3 I lost hours and hours with this stupid issue.

I’m really upset and have to go on with my work now.

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