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Hi everybody. I tried to upgrade from RW6 to RW8, but never received a prompt to copy all resources,(theme, stacks, snippets, assets etc.) from 6 to 8, and consequently none of them are available in 8. I’m not by any means an expert in RW, so I’m kind of lost. My OSX is Sierra, and I read a post that Clean my Mac sometimes causes a problem, although it was not running when I downloaded RW8. Dave Hidding suggested I uninstall 8 completely and reinstall again, and also that I post here in case someone (Aaron?) might shed some light on why I never received a prompt to copy resources, and how to make sure it works this time. I’m sure the fault was mine, not RW. If I could get clear directions on how to completely uninstall, and then download and install again, making sure the resources get copied over, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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Check out these knowledge post

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Hey @joshpop - let me know if the above documents don’t get you back om track.

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Thanks Aaron, will do. Running around today, going to try tomorrow.

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@Aaron Successfully updated my site to RW8, thanks!

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Glad to hear it! :clap:

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