Help - Any ideas on this Stacks issue?

We’ve seen more than a handful of these reports since launching 7.1 - We’re still trying to get to the bottom of it, but I’m suspecting they are just not running the latest version of Stacks.

We’ve been telling users to upgrade to Stacks 3.2.3 -

Waiting to hear back to see if that fixes it.

Any input you guys have would be appreciated - maybe you’ve seen the same reports?

cc @isaiah @joeworkman @Elixir

I haven’t seen anything like that here yet, but I will keep an eye out and let you know if I have any reports of it.

There was an early beta of Stack 3 (I believe it was 3.0b4) that broke sparkle updates. I have seen many users stuck at that version. While using that version can obviously make things not work properly, I have never heard of it “bricking” anything. I bet this user is being a little melodramatic.

We put a check in on RW 7.1 to make sure it didn’t load earlier stacks aversion that aren’t compatible with 7.1 - as it had potentially to screw peoples sites up.

This probably explains it as most users should be up-to-date if they have a working sparkle feed,

Thanks @joeworkman

I’ve seen two people with this issue (one who sent me 4 emails and two tweets :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: – they were very thorough).

There was also a bug in the installer that allowed multiple versions of plugins to be installed if they had slightly varying names – and only one of them ever gets loaded by the app and updated. It’s a long shot, but this could explain the “I’m already running the latest and it still doesn’t work”

If you find a less irate customer to give you the details of their addons folder it would probably help to find the source of the issue.


haha, thanks Isaiah.

And yeah, we’re working on… waiting on some user replies but wanted to try and get ahead of it so posted here :slight_smile:

Also… if anyone has a copy of one of these beta versions that doesn’t update for some reason, I’d really like to have a peek at it. Even just more specific version info would be super helpful.

I know that several people have ad the “i’m stuck on a beta” problem – but I honestly don’t know why. I have records of 3.0.0b3 and 3.0.0b5 but I have no record of ever releasing a 3.0.0b4.

b3 and b5 have totally normal appcast URLs and version numbers and update without issue.

I’m guessing it’s a sort of one-off build?

After much scouring of my crashlogs I found that there was a significant bump on crashes that occur in Stacks 3.0.3 b4 – for some reason or another i always thought it was 3.0.0 b4 that was the hangup.

Anyway that version did indeed contain a busted appcast URL – oddly truncated. But with some amazing web server rewrite rules I was able to convince the server to deliver an appcast when that URL is hit.

Hopefully this will help clear up some of these issues.