Maybe a stupid question: Is the Stacks update feature broken?

I have about 50 Stacks from different developers installed. Normally, there used to be an update for at least one of them every other week or so. But now there hasn’t been any update for about two months. Is it possible that the update feature is broken in some way? Did anybody else notice this? Or is it a coincidence and the stack developers simply have been busy with other things recently? I am using RW 7.1.7 and Stacks 3.2.5 on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1.

just had 2 update today. and others a week ago or so.

I’m getting update notifications in RW 6.X might be a question for @isaiah to help you sort.

A couple things did change. But the answer is no – I also saw several updates this week – so I think it’s definitely working.

The one thing that has changed recently is RapidWeaver 7.1 no longer loads all of the pages in your document immediately. This means that Stacks may not load and begin checking for updates until you visit a stacks page in your site. And then it will try to wait until your computer is mostly idle before it starts background checks.

RapidWeaver 7.1 does more in the background now – so – depending on your site and what RapidWeaver is doing – there could potentially be a longer wait for automatic updates.

If that seems to be the case I would recommend just opening the update window and clicking Check for Updates. That won’t wait for anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

If, after checking you still don’t see anything, then maybe it’s time to ask to help you debug it.

There are two sources of problems that I’ve seen in the past:

  1. A firewall or networking monitoring/filtering software is rejecting the update requests.
  2. There is an errant stack that is so corrupted that it’s throwing the entire update process off the rails (ok. i’ll be honest. i’ve never seen this one happen in Stacks 3. the system is supposed to be fault tolerant for this sort of thing. but this did happen A LOT in Stacks 2. it’s probably still possible. in theory at least)
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Thanks, @isaiah, for the info. I indeed started the update process manually by opening the update window and clicking Check for Updates, but all Stacks are “up to date”. I don’t run any network filtering software, the system’s firewall is turned off. I have created a brand new empty project and added a single Stacks page with no stacks, checked for updates — nothing. I think I’ll file a support ticket at Yourhead.

I think a good place to start would be to just zip up your entire Stacks folder (you can find it by using the gear menu at the bottom of the library) and send us a dropbox share link (or whatever file sharing service you prefer).

With that in hand, I’ll be able to install exactly the things you have and hopefully see what you are seeing. Then I can use my debugger to analyze what is going on and see if I can correct it or offer some specific advice.


Meanwhile I suspect that the Mac OS keychain is involved in the issue. Since I upgraded to Sierra, I have two keychains in ~/Library/Keychains: login.keychain and login.keychain-db. When I click on “Check for Stacks Updates”, I get the following Console log:

Standard    18:00:06.902467 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    switching to keychain-db: /Users/frank/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db from /Users/frank/Library/Keychains/login.keychain (0 1 1 1)
Standard    18:00:06.902519 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    not switching as we're not in ~/Library/Keychains/: /Users/frank/Library/Application Support/com.adobe.dmp.contentviewer/ELS/PrivateEncryptedDatak (0)
Standard    18:00:06.902569 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    not switching as we're not in ~/Library/Keychains/: /Library/Keychains/System.keychain (0)
Standard    18:00:06.906322 +0100    secd    RapidWeaver 7[6322] copy_matching Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-34018 "client has neither application-identifier nor keychain-access-groups entitlements" UserInfo={NSDescription=client has neither application-identifier nor keychain-access-groups entitlements}

Well, those are very odd errors. I’m afraid I’ve not seen anything like that before. It looks like perhaps your keychain didn’t migrate well through the update to Sierra? (OK, that’s a wild guess)

I know that my keychain file did NOT make the Sierra upgrade. It caused endless issues until I gave up and did a clean reinstall. Weeks later I’m still resetting passwords to various websites. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the Sierra upgrade.

I did a Google search and realized that there are others having the same keychain/keychain-db issue (not related to RapidWeaver).

My Keychain Acces app (is this the proper English name?) shows the contents of login.keychain-db, and not login.keychain.

In my case, however, there seems to be another item — Adobe PrivateEncryptedDatak — involved (I have Adobe Creative Cloud installed), that seems to mess up some paths…

I have Adobe CC to. And it does seem to install a lot of junk all around. I would not be surprised if that was part of the issue.

If you do figure that one out, please post back. I’d be curious to know. I have another machine that needs an update. I’m a little scared to be honest.

Oh, and yes… “Keychain Access” is the correct name (two S’s in access, but I always mess that up too).

Meanwhile I reinstalled RapidWeaver as well the Stacks plugin manually from the website, deleted the old login.keychain (leaving only the newer login.keychain-db) and then reset it in Keychain Access (and started re-entering passwords everywhere) — to no avail.

Only now I recognized another Console log entry when trying to update stacks:

Standard    11:24:45.157800 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Event [122:0x6180001993d0]: 2 Err(0)
Standard    11:24:45.157902 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Cancel [122:0x6180001993d0]
Standard    11:24:45.157991 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Destroyed [122:0x6180001993d0]
Standard    11:24:45.744764 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Event [97:0x61800019ccb0]: 2 Err(0)
Standard    11:24:45.744851 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Cancel [97:0x61800019ccb0]
Standard    11:24:45.744926 +0100    RapidWeaver 7    TIC TCP Conn Destroyed [97:0x61800019ccb0]

Could this have something to do with it?

Could a sandbox error be another possible cause?

I honestly don’t know. Those errors don’t look familiar to me. And aren’t super informative. I think guessing what is the cause at this point would probably just send you in the wrong direction.

What I’d recommend – a sort of gradual approach of experimenting – along with gradually trying more exhaustive fixes:

  • Try another user account
    It seems like this could be related to your recent updates to Sierra – and I think it’s reasonable to guess that it might be tied to your user account. Making a new user and testing things there might be a good way to check that out.
    If you find out that the user-account is messed up you can try taking it in to a professional to fix. Or do like me and just nuke the account and start fresh – painful but rather cleansing. :wink:

  • Try another Mac
    If the user account doesn’t fix things. And you have another Mac around you could try it there. If other Macs on the same network also experience the problem – then you know it’s probably something to do with your network as a whole. If other Macs don’t experience the problem, you know it’s something on your own Mac.

  • If it’s a problem just with your Mac – but every user – then I’d start deleting and reinstalling everything I can:

    • Delete, Download, and Reinstall RapidWeaver
    • Same for Stacks

And if all else fails. I’d take a deep breath. Make 3 backups. And reinstall the OS. It’s painful. It eats days of time. I know, I did it just recently. You can read through my irate Twitter stream from about a 6 weeks ago. I may have swore a few times. :speak_no_evil:

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