Hi Forum members, can you check to see if my site loads?

Hi all,

I just got word from someone (not sure where they are in the world) that my website isn’t loading. I’m wondering if I can ask you to take a look and let me know if the site is working for you?

My URL is www.talkingboxdmg.com

I am a photographer and video producer, so I know the site is a bit heavier than normal in terms of images, but it should load and operate just fine.

Thanks so much,

@mabou2 No problems here - and not slow at all.

For me (24MBit down) in the UK it took a full twenty seconds to display anything apart from the red spinning box preloader

Loaded fine for me (12Mbps) US. maybe 5 seconds of the red box.

Thanks guys. I visited my site a bunch of times since posting this thread, and a few times it loaded nearly instantly (even though I had flushed the cache) and once or twice it barely loaded at all.

I’ve never seen my site hang while loading like it has today… maybe something is going on with my webhosting service? Also, I have had several other sites that I visit daily not load this morning.

I’m in the southern USA. Five seconds to the preloader, eight seconds until the site itself rendered. No issues, and it looks nice.

Her in the UK it took about 25 seconds for it to load on my 65mbps download connection.

I had 20 seconds of the red spinning thing before the site loaded.

Hi Matt nice site. Im curious how you made your banners? was it with sections pro?

Seems to be slow in the UK, but not in the USA. Is the server US based?

Three or four seconds of nothing then around 8 seconds of red box from here in New Zealand. Half that when moving to another page.

I’m in the UK and it completely loads in less that 4 seconds every time for me. Current speed is about 48MBit down on BT Infinity on the end of a very old and long copper wire in the countryside.

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Less than 4 seconds here - US, PA- Broadband
Very Nice site, love the Aerial Reel.

Odd! Current down speed rates at 32MBit, site takes 19 seconds to display anything for me at all… I wonder why we get such discrepancies…

Cached, of course, it loads in 3-4 seconds, but if I exit my browser (which I have set to delete history, etc.) then I’m back to around 20 seconds to view, every time.

Loaded fast and beautiful. Slick site, Matt. Congrats. (UK, Virgin mega fast cable).

Hi all… thanks SO MUCH for the feedback… and thanks for the compliments.

I’m REALLY confused as to why there are such discrepancies ranging from “won’t load at all” to “takes 20 seconds to load” to “loads almost instantly”.

I’m starting to wonder if there is mac vs pc, browser vs browser, or version vs version issues afoot.

Either way, I hate to hear that the home page can sometimes take a long time to load. I know I have a lot of technology in the pages, and I know that I still have room to optimize by using master style sheets… but I’m still surprised at how long it is taking these pages to load for some of you.

Anyway, thanks again guys. Your feedback is immensely helpful.

Hi Mathew,
I don’t know if you have tried this, but I ran you site through a speed testing tool (webpagetest.org)


It is free. You enter your URL, select a test location, and a connection (cable, DSL, etc.) and it will run a test and give you considerably detailed results. I will warn you that you can get Queue for a while waiting for your test to complete.

As you can see here is the result summary from you home page:

The first “F” is telling you to use gzip for compression on transfer(host would need to support this).
The ‘x’ on the end is for CDN( cloud flare maybe).

You can also click on the Details tab and get a file by file break down.

There is quite a lot, but thought it might be worth looking at since you getting a wide result you can test from different locations and speed and browsers.


WOW… what a site you referred me to. Thanks so much, that site could prove invaluable.

Also, thanks for taking your time to help, you went above and beyond.

Who Rocks? Doug Does.

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Just to let you know, looked at this on my mobile phone in Northern Minnesota, came up super fast, 5 secs or less.