Help, from foundationa and stacks

Hello. Im a new user to rapidweaver and foundation+stacks. I made a simple web and i have a problem, the principal menu dont show the links to navigate in the website if a use firefox, chrome or explorer (no problems in safari and mobile devices) (the diferentes pages in the top bar). Can anybody tell how solutionated it.
Thanks and sorry for my english

see the problem:

What do your top bar settings look like? I wonder if you accidentally have it set to only show on mobile devices? I’m on Chrome and if I narrow my browser window enough, the menu shows up…

Your site works great for me in Firefox and Chrome, be sure you have the latest versions of the browsers, as older ones could be an issue. Here are some screenshots:

Your topbar is acting like if it set to hidden on Tablet. Check your topbar repsonsive setting to see if it hidden on Tablet

thanks, I just tried it by reducing the window and showing the menu, I will check the configuration when I get home. I will comment anyway
Thanks for helping me, I am a newbie and it costs me a little.

Oh, I think i see what it is. Your menu items are too wide for the browser. See the white space undernearth the top bar in your screenshot? Your menu is there, but it is the same color as the page background.

So, there’s a few things you could do:

  • you could either untick the box to "contain within body’ setting and let the menu expand across a larger area.
  • you could eliminate the title or slogan to give some more menu room
  • you could increase the max width in site styles
  • you could try and reduce page/menu titles for font size

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