NavBar not displaying correctly

I´ver nearly finished the migration of my site to foundation. No there is a problem with the navigation (Top Bar). On the index page it is not shown on some pages one can see the the icons to expand a menu on other pages the navigation is normal. I have no idea what the reason for this behavior is. Every page has a partial on top containing Top Bar and the settings for foundations. Has anyone a hint for me?

Greetings from Germany and a happy new year to all of you.

First level

second level


In the Inspector for the Partial…

Select Top Bar
Check Top Bar - Menu Area Category
Do you have the Scope set for Entire Menu or Sub Nav Only?
Change to Entire Menu and all should be good… I hope…

Edit: Or what is your setting in the same Category for Menu? Should be RapidWeaver Menu perhaps…

Edit 2: Please include screenshots of your inspector settings for Top Bar if the above 2 do not resolve the issue.


if you could publish a test site and provide a url we can see what is going on. I suspect though that this is the common case of there being too many menu items to fit - particularly if you have more items on the top level menu which is failing to display. What is actually happening is that they are wrapping to a second invisible line, outside of the top bar background.

The solution to this is to either:

  • Increase the breakpoint (with a custom value) at which the mobile menu hamburger is shown
  • Reduce the size of the title area to make more room for the menu items
  • Reduce the number of top level menu items
  • Reduce the text size of the TopBar menu items

This was covered in a recent post here and I made a little video which shows what is happening when the menu disappears. There is a link to it in my later post on that thread.

@tav , @ turtle: than you both for the hints. I found out… it was a bit tricky. There was an old Stack placed in one sub-page, which got overseen by me (so the site has 10.000+ files - this may happen). A second possible issue was an image container (not from foundation) outside a column. Both containers are namens “image” so it is a it difficult to differentiate between those.
I localized the error by dropping root-pages until the navigation came back. This was a lot of work. Is there a search function where one can find specific parts (stacks) of a site? This would be a very helpful feature.
I have still some problems with older pages I imported (drag and drop) to foundation, but the navigation now works.


Glad you got the menu sorted out.

To answer your question, not that I could find inside RapidWeaver or Stacks. You might want to have a look at my Tutorial on how to remember what Themes, Plugins and Stacks you used in a project. You can modify this by adding page names and specific stacks used for your own reference.


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Dragging and dropping pages from one project to another is a fast way to do things, but when switching themes from a standard one to a theme like Foundation (or any of the other ones out there like it) is probably is not a good practice. Copy and pasting stacks or content from one project to the new one would probably be a little better IMHO.

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@zeebe: Oh… yes, now I know this, too. but thins are going better and better now.

@Turtle: Thanks for the link. this was helpful!


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