Joe's stack topbar menu is not dropping when hovering mouse over

I recently just purchased RapidWeaver and a bunch of Joe Workman stack. First thing I am rebuilding is my home page and I added a couple of Offsite page to point it to my existing pages until I rebuild those pages in RapidWeaver to replace it with.

I been using Foundation 6 front-end for all my website page using CLI and an editor. I wanted to start using stacks and Rapidweaver and I know that the joe’s foundation stacks are based on Foundation 5 front-end.

When I added topbar stack in RapidWeaver, It show all the text on top menu but when I over my mouse over it, it will not drop down to display a sub-menu of that top menu text. I tried clicking it or previewing it in browser with no go.

But It does work fine when in mobile view using hamburger icon.

What am I missing?

This is fresh setup in RapidWeaver, only thing I added was Home page, 2 offsite pages with top page using # as URL and sub-page with full URL to the page itself. And I only have two stacks in the editor which are Foundation Style stack and a topbar stack underneath it.


Two things to check.

  1. there is a setting for the menu context (top level only/ full menu etc.)
  2. do you actually have content on the page? if there is no content on the page then, the verticle page size is not enough to allow space for dropdowns. throw a couple paragraph stacks on to test.

As I read your post, I saw the number 1 and I am telling myself yup yup I did this and that correctly then when my eye started to look down to number 2, I slapped on my forehead. THE CONTENT!

You are correct about the number 2, I did not have the content to give spaces for the drop down menu to appear. When I look in the RapdiWeaver preview, I foolishly assumed that the application gave it some room.

Thank you!!! but I probably back asking more questions later :slight_smile:


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