Tutorials for Sections Pro from BWD?

Hi Folks,

I’ve been trying to get my head around Sections Pro but I’m really struggling. I’ve read the documentation a few times and also downloaded the sample project but it’s just not ‘clicking’…Probably doesn’t help that I don’t have Foundation (I’m a Foundry user).

Does anyone know of any good video tutorials to help get started? I hear such good things about BWD and would really like to learn the sections ‘family’.


Firstly, all the demo files will work fine in Foundry if you just change the theme and replace the Foundation Site Styles with the Foundry stack. There are many other demos and example projects in addition to the huge Learn Sections project on the Sections micro site

Without knowing what you are trying to use it for, it is difficult to give any direct assistance but a good place to ask is the BWD support forum where there are many experienced users in addition to me to answer questions.

The other great resource are Marten Claridge’s weekly video conferences where he provides excellent help and design methodologies using Sections. You can sign up by following the sticky threads here for weekly workshops here.

Great! Thanks @tav I didn’t realise I could replace the site styles and it would still work. (I’m only 2 weeks in with RW) I’ll have a closer study of the example projects…

I’m not really trying to do anything specific but I have a good few sites built in Sparkle and Muse that I want to convert and I’m trying to get a good feel for what the popular stacks do so I can build the new sites using the best assets from the start, without having to rebuild all over again. I have Foundry but have hit a few walls already so am branching out into 3rd party stacks and yours look super useful.
I’ll check out the resources you’ve suggested.


There may be a few other Foundation components on the pages (Foundry didn’t exist at the time the demo was made) but nothing that will stop the Sections working. Don’t forget that you can always just copy and paste the Sections “as is” into a new Foundry project.

I should also have mentioned Sections Box which works with Sections Pro, there are more demo projects for that as well on the product page downloads

Ha! I’ve just downloaded the Sections Box project. Also, brilliant idea to cut and paste from one theme to another… D’oh! Obvious when you think about it.


@tav Bam! And it all falls into place… 30mins playing with the Sections Box stack and I’ve got it! Also…It’s really amazing! One quick question while we’re here; why would I use Box when I have Pro? It seems Pro can do all and more than Box can… Is it just a ‘less code’ scenario when all the features of Pro aren’t needed?

Heading over to make a donation now…

Thanks for the help and pointing in the right direction.



@rojharris Thanks for the donation, it is much appreciated.

Box fulfils two main functions: (1) portioning items within a section and (2) acting as a target for animations so that multiple items can be combined in a Section to make animated scenes (as per the Box demo site).

The positioning aspect also gives the ability to further layer content in the foreground as opposed to the two built in background layers with Sections. In terms of code on the published page, SectionsPro actually outputs less than Box.

Pile in on the support forum as and when you need to.

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SectionsPro/SectionsBox animation demos I did for the WeaverSpace conference in 2016:

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Wow! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Would you be willing to share the project files?

Nope, sorry.
My talk in that years conference was all about animating in RW using SectionsPro / SectionsBox and I built each one of those during my presentation.
Signing up for the conference is the only way to see it and all the other presentations.

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