RW4 to RW8… Can anyone advise?

I built my site a good many years ago using RapidWeaver v4. Though I carried out minor updates a couple of times, the project was long overdue for some more extensive revamping. Lately I’d been putting off doing anything mainly because I’ve forgotten just about everything I ever learned about how to use RapidWeaver…

Following a power cut, the machine originally used, where my copy of RW4 still resides, now refuses to start. (In case anyone cares, it was a rather ancient iMac 20in still running OSX Lion, and I strongly suspect that the power supply module has died). I do have backups but am under the impression that I can’t run RW4 on my more recent (late-2013 27in) iMac currentlyrunning Mac OS 10.12.6.

I’ve now purchased an upgrade to RW8 and my challenge is to reassemble the site using this. Essentially I want to duplicate the existing version before adding a few tweaks. I understand that I can’t simply open the old files with the new software but what I’m hoping for are tips on how best to incorporate everything I have into a new RW8 construct that retains as closely as possible the look & feel of the original.

I’d be really grateful for any & all help anyone can give. Please bear in mind that I can remember virtually nothing of whatever expertise I’d acquired previously using RW4 and am now approaching this as a total beginner with RW8…

I would probably just start fresh. A Website that old would be pretty outdated, not responsive, the theme you used to create the project is perhaps no longer available.

The content you have may very well be good, and could most likely be copied and pasted over to the new site.

Might want to start with just relearning RapidWeaver, not only has it been quite a while, but an awful lot has changed in the base product and the add-ons available.

I would start with just going through eh tutorials and play around with some new throwaway projects. Once you start getting comfortable, then look to redoing the site with a new responsive theme and other add-ons.


If you include the url of your site it would be easier to see how much work it would involve. Saying that it is as Doug has advised and copy and paste is pretty much your best option. Content is the hard part anyway!

Thanks, guys, for your responses. I take on board the point about it being worth creating a modern, responsive site. I know I can reuse much of the existing content. My main concern was to reproduce, as far as possible, the existing visual style & flavour, while also minimising the time I have to spend on detail (& relearning how to do whatever techy stuff is involved). I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and set aside a chunk of time – as much time as it takes – to get to grips with how to use RW8.

For what it’s worth, the existing site is here:
Any further comments/observations would be more than welcome…

Just keeping it alive…

In order to transition to RW8, I’m pretty sure you need to own the intermediate versions in order to upgrade each time. If so, you’re welcome to send me your project file and I’ll upgrade it for you (I own versions 5, 6, 7 and 8).



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Thanks for your kind offer, Dave. I might ask to take you up on it in a while. For now, I’ve decided that I should have a go at building the thing again first myself from scratch (feel as though it would be a good creative exercise). But I’m currently in the midst of several other more pressing domestic issues (broken-down central heating system most urgent right now!) so have put the website on my ‘to do later’ list. Will return to the project in a week or two and may have further questions to ask of knowledgeable folk such as yourself…

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