Paranoid, Yes I am, Need more help!

Preface, I purchased RapidWeaver 5 a few years ago for one simple reason. I did not need any knowledge or training in website design or computer programing. I am currently using RW 6.3.4

In a previous post I mentioned that I lost all files to my RapidWeaver websites when my backup/timemachine drive suddenly became unreadable. Well as it turns out I also lost all Rapidweaver plugins and stacks. Fortunately I started working on a new website the day before the crash and its files were still on my computer and I had not transferred to backup drive. So far I’ve managed to rebuild one of the 8 websites I have from files I retrieved from the server. That’s a good thing and I’m hoping Y’all can help me make more goo things happen.

I installed RapidWeaver on a Macbook Pro so I can work on sites away from home. However, when I opened it, RapidWeaver was bare. No Stacks, No Plugins Nothing.

Here is where help is needed: Is there a way I can install the RapidWeaver I am using and the files with it to my Macbook pro so when I open it everything will be there and I wll be able to work from both computers.

Hope I haven’t confused you too much. And, thanks in advance for your help.

@Joe.l, when you download stacks, plug-ins and templates, they are usually DMG files or ZIP files that, on my machine anyway get automatically unzipped and the zip file goes to trash where the other materials are in the download folder.

Make a copy of the download folder (NOT aliased) that you can share with your MacBook. Open your Macbook and install the items from the shared folder. On your original machine, install the items from the default download folder. This is because once Stacks or RW installs the item, it is no longer available for you to install on a second machine without a second download.

Your serial number (emailed to you from developer), for those items that require it, should work on both machines.

As far as projects go, well, again, use a shared folder on your Mac so that your MacBook can download them prior to departing home, just be sure to copy the project file back to main computer to keep it up to date.

Not sure, but perhaps dropbox might be a solution for your project files, but that has it’s own headaches (requiring connectivity for one).

Hope that helps.

On the machine that has all of your stacks and themes and stuff, open RapidWeaver and hold down command-option and push the number 7. This will open in Finder, your addons folder for RW. Copy that folder to your macbook, open RW on your macbook and do the same key combo. Then copy the contents of your addons folder from your main computer to your laptop. The sad part is, if a stack or theme gets updated on one machine, you will have to go to the other one and update that as well.

As far as project files, I use Dropbox for this all the time, and here is my experience. Realmac says you should not. They say it could corrupt your file. But here is how I have only had one corrupted file in over 4 years.

I have been doing this for over 4 years now, and have only had one corruption, and it was my fault, not dropbox’s. If you are going to do this, you have to be sure you follow these rules:

  1. NEVER have the file open on more than one machine at a time.
  2. NEVER allow two people to work on the same file at the same time.
  3. ALWAYS be sure your computer has synced completely with Dropbox before opening your file, EVEN if what is syncing is NOT associated with your file.
  4. When possible, compress your file as a backup, so if something big does happen, you have a backed up version of your file. You may also want a back up off of dropbox for same reason.

I follow these rules for any important files, since I do support for Joe Workman, I am constantly working on different project files on different computers depending on the time of day, so for dumb test files, I might not follow my backup rules, but I am sure on the syncing and only open on one machine.

The only issue I ever had was working late one night, I left a project open downstairs, fell asleep working on it, woke up, didn’t save it and went to bed. Next morning I started working on the laptop this time and saved it, that killed my project file.

Hope this makes sense and helps you out!

I normally work on more than one computers and for synching in a local network I use ChronoSync.

This is Great! Thank You very Much.

Thank You very much. I would never have thought of the Download Folder.