Old time newbie back to weave?

Hello, I’ve had a rapidweaver site for over ten years now, problem is I rarely update it and when I do come to do that years have past, Ive forgotten everything and I have to buy the latest version. I fear I’m at this familiar place again and in need of some advice!

I just wiped my mac and started new so I have nothing, I cant remember what version I even had (6 I think), but cant seem to sign in anywhere to retrieve or see anything? or if I buy latest version do I also have to start over with all my add-ons Ive purchased.

I want to make a new website for a separate business, but would also like to update my current, is there anyway I can do this or save some time by utilizing whats already been created or do I just start again and build two new sites?

What is the difference between RW 7 and RW 8 and how long until RW 7 would become redundant?

Any advice most welcomed, Thank you, feels daunting having to learn it over again but hopefully some is still familiar :slight_smile:

Welcome back,
Since you’re starting over, and have whipped the Mac, then you probably shouldn’t even consider RW7. Nothing it does that RW8 doesn’t do and 7 isn’t supported anymore.

As for the addons from the old version of RapidWeaver you would need to find the old addons folder. Since you whipped out the Mac and don’t know what version of RapidWeaver you were running it might be hard to find from a backup. If you remember what you had purchased then you could try going to each developers website and try to look up the purchase.

If the site you had was very old chances are a lot of what you used and did is outdated anyway. You’d probably be better off just rebuilding it from scratch. If the old site is still up then you could probably copy and paste some of the content.

For relearning, I would start out with the latest version of RapidWeaver and stacks 4. Go through the training videos and start playing around and having fun. If you get stuck or have questions on how to do something then post them here. That’s what this forum is about.

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