Help needed with RWML

Can anyone help me … I’m using RWML and trying to translate a text-link. Thanks !


Bedankt Tino,

maar ik had hem een mailtje gestuurd en hij schreef me op het forum te kijken.



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Hi, Rudy,

If you ask specific questions, there is several people here who use RWML and will be able to help you.

Rudy contacted me (in Dutch) and asked if RWML can convert links to different languages. It can and the user guide explains how to do this already. But I do not speak Dutch and provide no support resources in Dutch. So I suggested Rudy came to the forums and started a new topic in the Dutch category, to get some help with this. I don’t know what version of RWML is being used and there was no other information attached to the email I got.

The product page for RWML and relevant links (like the free user guide) can be accessed here:

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