Help needed with RWML

(Rudy Lambrechts) #1

Can anyone help me … I’m using RWML and trying to translate a text-link. Thanks !


(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Hallo Rudy, het beste zou zijn als je het vraagt aan @willwood. Als ik me niet vergis, is RWML nu van hem. Trouwens, RWML is een topstack, je zult het zeker heel nuttig vinden.


(Rudy Lambrechts) #3

Bedankt Tino,

maar ik had hem een mailtje gestuurd en hij schreef me op het forum te kijken.



(Rob D) #4

Hi, Rudy,

If you ask specific questions, there is several people here who use RWML and will be able to help you.

(Will Woodgate) #5

Rudy contacted me (in Dutch) and asked if RWML can convert links to different languages. It can and the user guide explains how to do this already. But I do not speak Dutch and provide no support resources in Dutch. So I suggested Rudy came to the forums and started a new topic in the Dutch category, to get some help with this. I don’t know what version of RWML is being used and there was no other information attached to the email I got.

The product page for RWML and relevant links (like the free user guide) can be accessed here:

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