Help please web links don't work

Just built my first web site on Rapidweaver 8 and when I load up the finished site on Safari the web links I have displayed (in blue) do not work. I can click on them but I get a blank page with error code 404. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

We would need a link?

The link to WiFi help book is not a link to a page

And the link to other properties is messed up…it should be:

You are putting your website in and then the link…I think you don’t have the correct info on your general page.

One final note…that is a very old theme…does not resize for mobile!

Hi Joe,
I copied and pasted
into my web site but this does not work. Put it back as it was originally and its now not underlined and clickable.

Hi Andy
Welcome to Rapidweaver.
Please don’t be put off by a learning curve. Anything new takes a bit of experience to get used to and it’s such a great web design tool.
I’m sure that with the help of this forum and some pointers to tutorials, we can get you weaving a great couple of sites.

Linking to other pages in Rapidweaver is best done by selecting the page in the drop down selection. Rather than by pasting in the URL. If you select the text you’d like to turn into a link and right click. You’ll see the choice to turn the text into a link.
Then you can select the correct page in the drop down list.

Good luck with your projects. We’re all here to help.

What do you have in the Web Address area on the General area?

Hi Thanks for the reply.

Im not trying to link to another page in the same web site. Im trying to add a link that when clicked will go to a completely different web site.

Is this the same issue you have posted about here?

Please don’t double post, right now you have two different “groups” trying to help you with the same thing.


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