External Links not working

I have just put my site live holidayhomeliverpool.com

for some reason none of the external links are working. The URL of the external link is being added to what is already in the address bar creating a “not found page”

Try clicking on “more info” or “book now” to see an example of what i mean

You will see that the external link that I added which is supposed to open in a new window has been added to the end of the above link.

Yet I have used the same theme etc with my other site and it works perfectly - see here

I have compared both rapidweaver sites side by side and as far as I can see all the settings are exactly the same.

Theme - Strata - 1.2.2
Button - Button Alien Strip

Any ideas? Anyone ?


You must have gotten this working because the links work fine during my testing of your site.


Hi Brad,

Thank you and yes I found the problem. Turns out walking away for an hour and looking with a fresh head was all it needed. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me and my apologies for wasting your time,


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Perhaps you might care to save the next person the cost of an hour and a walk?


I’m afraid it was a simple mistake on my part. I had omitted the http:// from my external links.


Thanks @mik777 for updating the forum with your solution… It’s awesome when solutions are posted in the Thread and acknowledged :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue as Mike mik777, although I have not omitted the “http://” :frowning: Wondering what I am doing wrong?

Need to,see the site to see what is going on

I realized the info was too sparse after posting.

The URL is claremontumc.net and the page in question is linked from the /Staff/ page to another page with the address /Links/. I am using the theme HIVE.

I am assuming user error, but have not figured it out yet.


So the button that links to newsletters?
I’m not sure which link you are referring to…

That link is set to #. (Blank)

swilliam, I not sure where you are looking. On the /links/ page there are three links (two are duplicates, because I was testing) . . . oh, uh, duh, I think the answer is the same one given elsewhere re: email links. I have somehow unintentionally entered smart quotes. I’ll try again and get back to you!

The bottom orange button on the staff page is what I was looking at, it links to nothing.


I was still working with the top button, but was trying to say the links from the /Links/ were not working. I realized in zooming in that RapidWeaver had been using smarquotes, which I not expected, in my html code. Perhaps also a user error! In any case the top link now works and the bottom link will soon be set to match it, and the links outside the site to Mailchimp archives of others’ newsletters also work now, as well as the link to an internally stored newsletter, so all is now good.

Thanks for your attention to the matter — and the person with the “mailto:” link issue, which also had to do with unexpected curly quotes.

The support is greatly appreciated!

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Glad you got it going! :grinning: