Help please with text

Bit of a newb question…
When I look at my newly created site on WindowsPhone (any browser) the text is huge…I mean like 5 words to the screen.
I know Windows Phone is not a major platform but I have one!

The text looks normal on iOS and Mac computers, not sure a IE on Windows however
The text is in a Text stack inside a Responsive column.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you share a link?
We can all look through the source code and see if we see anything suspicious.

Gosh yes…

All the text on the Land page is crazee huge!

I have a Windows Phone running Windows Phone 10 and the text is fine on that page - your name is all in one line and looks good. However the video never loads - all that shows up is a black box where the video should be.

Thanks David
Mmm I have a Windows Phone 10…agreed about the video (but it runs in Blue Sky) but the text is huge in Edge and Blue Sky Browser…I’m going to try another browser. But if it’s fine on your phone then it must be something to do with my specific phone…which is really odd!

So I tried Maxthon Browser and the text is fine. I’ve checked all mt settings in Edge and Blue Sky and they are all normal.

I only have Edge on my phone. I wasn’t aware of those other browsers. I will have to try them - so thanks for that!

Odd about the video in Edge though - I haven’t had any problems with videos playing in Edge (so far anyway).

I assume you’ve checked for updates for Edge and/or the OS?

Yes Blue Sky browser is great.
That’s interesting about the video normally playing.
I’ll check for updates but I thought I had the OS and apps on auto update. I’m on Edge version: 38.14393.2189.0 AND EDGE HTML VER: 14.14393

It’s not an in demand platform so it’s difficult to know how much effort to put in to it. (Though I still think it’s the best phone OS by far!)

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