Help - still on Rapidweaver 6.4 - no preview!

I’ve been happily using R6.4 for over 2 years - recently have a problem with not being able to do a preview - the page jumps continually making viewing impossible. Also, trying to view a preview of a page in either Google or Safari gives an error message - unable to launch preview… please help!
Thank you!

Did you upgrade to High Sierra (MacOS 10.13)? RW6 as do many older applications have issues with High Sierra. RW 7 (the only supported version) had a fix applied.

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Oh dear… thanks Doug - yes, I did! bother…
I guess I’ll have to make the jump to 7 - bit concerned about how it will treat my existing websites - I do 2 of them - both using different themes …

The upgrade from 6 to 7 was not to dramatic. Here’s a knowledge base article on the upgrade. Only the first few steps are for 6 to 7.

Thank you Doug - I’ve been looking for a guide… think I’ll tackle this tomorrow when I’ve got fresh eyes!

Thank you for your help… :slight_smile:

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