Compatibility of Rapidweaver 6 with High Sierra

Having a few issues with my iMac running Sierra, so thinking of upgrading to High Sierra (I am using Rapidweaver 6.4). Are there any known compatibility issues with this? I hate upgrading my operating system only to find out that some of my speciality programs like Rapidweaver don’t work, and then I have to upgrade that (and maybe reformat my projects as well). Anyone know of any problems? Thanks!

If I remember correctly, the preview function doesn’t work in HS but the browser preview does work.

Not sure what the difference is between preview and browser preview. That would be a huge problem if every time you made a change in your project you had to upload the change to see it. Is that what you are suggesting?

In RapidWeaver, you can preview within RapidWeaver or you can choose to preview the page in a browser. Neither of those have anything to do with publishing the project.

RW6 is not supported in High Sierra, but it does work. But the only way you can preview is to preview in the browser, bot within RapidWeaver. You can preview in a browser before you publish your project.

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