Help to use zip project file? urgent

I updated some plugins and a theme.
Luckly I zipped the .rw6 file on my desktop beforehand.
Because at this point, I can not upload to my site at all, it shows every page needs updating, and it is blocking me from my web server from too many ‘attempts’ I suppose. Just stuck.

I don’t know how to use the zip to go backwards…
The WinZip program I used made the zip file(projectname.rw6) into two folders
(_MACOSX) and (projectname.rw6)

I’m using RW6 on a OS 10.9.5 computer.

I did remove the suspicious plug in and theme.

Thank you for any help you can give.

I thought win-zip was a windows only program?

WinZip is for the Mac.
But, it might as well be a windows program the way it did this file…

I was able to get the file back together by using BetterZip. Whew.
Now, to find the culprit update that did this. :frowning:

Glad you got it back.

Mac has an Archive built in, and I was going to suggest:

I know you got it fixed anyway just for ref.

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I got it back but for some reason it does not help.

When opening the old back up, it till shows the entire site needs to be reuploaded(blue dots)
I removed the plug ins and theme I had updated back to original.

I may be misinterpreting your post but the blue dots just means that there have been changes that have been made. (Even if the change was to change something and then change it back to the original). That might just be semantics though (in regards to your issue)…

In regards to publishing, have you tried all the usual suspects (changed to passive or extended passive mode; decreasing the current connections from 6 to something smaller or down to 1 even; etc)?

If uploading changes is urgent, do you have access to an FTP program that can take care of it in the meantime?

on a mac you can right click any file or folder and there is an option in the contextual menu to “compress.”

and to unzip a file simply double-click on it.

I think if you split and compressed a RW project it may have gotten corrupted.