Trouble with RW and Catalina

I upgraded my Mac to Catalina and then couldn’t use RapidWeaver. I had RW 5 so I bought RW 8 to upgrade the software.

I was sent instructions on how to do this with the old software but when I try to back up my RW websites Catalina won’t let me access the ap. All I can find is a folder with page titles not the project file, which I’m assuming the “project file” are the symbols with the two websites I have.

I get the circle with the bar or the message to find bit apps. When I go to the advice to find 32 bit app on my computer it doesn’t lead me to the project files so I don’t know where to go from here. I purchased the upgrade RW 8 plus whatever, but don’t want to try anything until I’ve backed up my websites? I’m not a techie so need an explanation in simple terms!

RW 5 definitely will not run in Catalina but your project files should still be on you mac.

do a finder search for .rwsw (I think that was the extension back then) and see if they show up

thanks, what I get/what comes up is two folders, one for each website. In the folder are “pages” and when I click pages I get some more folders and stuff I don’t understand. not the icon that usually represents my project?

Wasn’t there some intermediate stage where you had to open in it in a later version (RW6 ?) where it got converted and then you could open it in 7 or 8 ?

Vaguely rings a bell but can’t remember where that step occurred in the timeline of Rapidweaver ?


Maybe so, it’s been way to long to remember, I know you can go from latest 6.x to 8.x, but not sure about 5x.
OP may need to convert to 6X first. IDK if 6.x will run in Catalina either.


I think the “folders” you are seeing are the RapidWeaver Project files. RW project files are just a special kind of Mac Folder (called a package). You might be able to get them to convert to RW8, but probably won’t want to.

RW6 came out 5 years ago and with two major releases since then a lot has changed both with RW and the web in general. Things like Responsive themes that will work for mobile phones to giant screens.

There are steps that you can take to upgrade those RW5 project files to try and get it to work in RW8. But the reality is that RW5 and RW8 are going to be so different that you are probably going to be better off just redoing the old websites with a new more modern site.

Most of the Themes and plugins for RW5 would need to be upgraded if they are still available. I’d probably get RW8 installed figure out what add-ons you had and still want to keep. Get those installed and running. Then I’d take some time to learn how RW8 works. Then I’d cut and paste from the existing sites into a new modern responsive theme.

You can certainly try to upgrade the projects, but since you have already upgraded to Catalina I’m not sure if you can take some of the needed steps.

Here are some KB articles that might help:

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ugh, thanks? wish I hadn’t upgraded the catalina, might have had a prayer of upgrading RW beforehand. I hear what you are saying and what I’m hearing is hours and hours of work…for me. I’m not a natural at this and it looks like what you are saying is to start from scratch, basically.

I agree with Doug that you’ll end up with a much better website if you recreate it in the RW8. It’ll look nicer and be a much better experience on all of the smart phones and tablets.

However, if you just need to make a few minor changes while you work through redoing the website, you can probably open it in RW8 and make changes. It will depend on what plug-ins you were using. As long as you had been using RW 5.4.1, RW8 will open and convert the project for you.


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