Help with displayable menu in RW8 Mountain

Hey folks, I am trying to get a black background for the “displayable” menu in my site, however, I do not how to do this, see attached screenshot…

Any help would be enormously appreciated it :slight_smile:


I forget from where/who this is from but it worked for me.
You would need to change the colors
and place it under the CSS section in the CODE settings:
Others will explain better I’m certain.

.site-navigation-inner ul {
border: 3px solid Lavender;
background-color: white;
.site-navigation-inner li a:hover {
background-color: Gainsboro ;

Thanks!!, but it did not work out…

It will be easier for people to help you if you share the url so they can have a lok with dev tools

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Sure, here is a beta version:


I’m not 100% clear on exactly what you want but if you are refering to the top navigation, you can target .navbar
In the page level or site wide CSS like this:

Note that most themes have these sort of controls built in so check the theme UI first


Thanks!!!, I meant the “pop-up” bar… is there any command I could add to add a solid background?

can you tell me (or show me with a screen shot) what you are calling the pop up bar

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pop up = Drop down?

Sorry, as evident now, I am not really well-versed on this arts… and yes, drop-down… sorry again guys and thanks for the help… I am more useful on Chemistry-Biology-Medicine btw

That’s referred to as a drop down
you can target that with .dropdown-menu
so it would be like this:


As I said above, the theme usually has these controls built in, check there first before overriding things with CSS

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Thanks, it seems that the actual site Title is blocking is setup in a way that overlays the menu… Thanks anyway!!!.


have you watched any of the tutorial videos on the realmac site? That is a good place to start to get a feel for how it all works.
actually there is a video here: that demonstrates the five new themes. (scroll down and click on “Five New Themes” that may give you some ideas as well.

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