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Could anyone help me with the following issue. I’ve used the Flexer Theme to create a following website ( and I have 3 Parent menus (‘Printing Services’, ‘Printing Supplies’ & ‘Printing Machinery’) and each of these Parent menus have a bunch of sub-menus which get revealed when clicked on the downward facing arrow of the Parent menu. This is all fine, apart from the fact that the the Sub-menu selection always disapears once a user navigates to a new page. I would like to change the menu in a way that as long as the user navigates to a new page within a Parent menu, the sub-menu of that Parent menu always reveals itself automaticaly upon loading the page. Upon examination of the code, I can see that the ‘id’ of the active/selected menu is ‘id=“current”’ and that the command to reveal the sub-menu is 'class=“flexnav=show” style=“display: block;” ’ however I’m not sure how to amend the CSS code to force the navigation menu always set ‘class=“flexnav-show”’ of the relevant Parent menu. Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile: Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

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