Live tech support

Is there anyone who officers live tech support for Rapid weaver? I am trying to ;ublish and keep getting a faliure to load something and I have no idea what that is. Email me at

I think you can get help here.
We will need more info from you in order to help.
What exactly is the error your getiing?
Did you due a test conection?
Who is your hosting company?
Have you checked out the online videos:

Don’t forget this:

I believe @ryanbsmith from Rapidweaver Classroom offers live video support/consulting (or at least he used to). There are details in his site:

Thanks @jabostick, I appreciate the mention. @ewilson – The knowledgebase article that Brian LaPan linked is where I would start. Publishing issues are a unique case where I typically suggest contacting Realmac support directly, in cases where the information in the KB article don’t resolve the problem.