RapidWeaver 8 — Available Now!

Hello Weavers!

After more than a year in development, I’m excited to say that RapidWeaver 8 is finally here, and it’s packed with amazing new features and countless refinements.

We’ve worked so hard on this release to make it the best version of RapidWeaver yet, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Head over to the Realmac website to learn more: https://www.realmacsoftware.com/ and be sure to pick up your copy while the special launch pricing is still available!

So what’s New in RapidWeaver 8?

We’ve also updated our tutorials page, so you can see how to build simple and advanced sites with plugins with RW8 (I know you guys are already pro’s, but new user may find it useful). However, we also recorded videos for all the new features, they don’t cover everything, but it’s a good place to start, so make sure you check those out.

Device Simulator
Preview how your website will look on different devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iMac and more.

Unsplash Integration
Browse, search and use Photos from the webs biggest collection of royalty free photos.

Web Icon Generator
Drag and drop support for all popular formats of favicons, including Safari pinned tabs!

OpenGraph Support
Greatly improved support for social graph tags. Drag and drop easy.

.htaccess Editor
Edit htaccess files along with history support in case you need to rollback your changes

GDPR Compliant
Out of the box RapidWeaver and the built-in themes are 100% GDPR compliant.

Improved User Interface
RapidWeaver now saves UI state. It’s also native, intuitive, and easier to use than ever before.

New Addons Manager
Enable, disable, and manage your themes, plugins and stacks with ease.

Five New Themes
Five brand-new themes built by Realmac. Beautiful, responsive, and customisable.

New Resources Manager
Managing assets has never been this easy. Take charge of images, files, folders, and more.

Refined Snippets Manager
Save useful HTML, CSS, Javascript, and plain text in the newly refined snippets manager.

Site Language
Easily set and change the site language. RapidWeaver even supports right-to-left layout too!

Privacy Notice
You can now add a cookie notice to your website with just one click. Yum!

Dark Mode (Coming Soon)
If the lights are too bright, you can switch on Dark Mode and work like a Pro in Mojave.

So Much More
This list only scratches the surface of what’s new in the best version of RapidWeaver yet!

Found an issue?

As with all big software releases there’s always teething troubles or things that just didn’t come up in testing. And while we’ve done our best to ensure things go smoothly we’re sure they’ll be a few minor issues, especially with such a complete ecosystem of addons, but don’t worry — We’re on standby (as always) and will be fixing any issues that arise and shipping updates as soon as they are needed.

If you find an issue, just drop us an email and we’ll get you back up and running asap.

We’ll also be updating the Technical FAQ and Purchasing FAQ with more information as they questions arise.

So, the only thing left to do now is grab your copy of RapidWeaver 8 and get weaving!



… and imported all plugins and stacks from RW7. That was just amazing! Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot for that feature!


Congratulations on the launch of RW8! Already published a client site with it and everything worked absolutely flawlessly. :grin: Regarding plugins and other addons it’s been a smooth transition like no version before! One can absolutely feel the love which has been put into this version. Both thumbs up! :+1:


I have to say that it looks really good. Some very useful stuff in there and probably plenty more under the hood.

@dan Is it possible to buy now at the slightly reduced rate but not install the new version for - say - a month? I’ve got a couple of projects working through at the moment that I don’t want to want to ‘disturb’ with a new version at this stage.




RapidWeaver 8 can coexist with RW7.


I am so glad that there is such a great app for creating websites. The logical structure of Rapidweaver makes it easy to work with. And Rapidweaver 8 takes that to a new level. Thanks for the great work! Congrats.


Congrats on RW8. Everything working nicely. New features really appreciated! Stellar job!


Hi Dan and team,

thank you very much for such a well thought through and great looking update and all your time and efforts!


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Nice… :slight_smile:
All Plugins for RW 7 runing also in RW 8?


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Congratulations to Team Realmac! Can’t wait to dive in and play with 8!


Yup! It sends you the license key and download link after purchase. Then, when you’re ready, just open an RW7 project file in RW8 and let the transition commence!


Fantastic job on this update guys. One of the smoothest product updates ever - all add ons and stacks installed without a glitch - made some changes to a website and like magic everything worked right out of the gate!


Am I the only one who saw this message? I was so excited to jump in and play with RW8 but it seems to not work with my version of Stacks. I keep my stacks in my DropBox. Anyone have any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated.


@steverayas - you’ll need the latest version of Stacks which is 3.6.1. you can get it here if you are not prompted to download in RW.


Ugh! I am so oblivious sometimes!! It worked perfectly and easily. Thank you @habitualshaker

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Absolutely love this update in every way but one…

The preview takes 2 times longer than RW7 had. Admittedly the page I’m referencing is heavily laiden with pics, and RW7 usually took 20-30 seconds to preview. RW8 took 60 seconds while looking at a white preview screen.

Not the computer:
MacPro 5,1
6-core 3.33
48 Gb ram
4 SSD’s
High Sierra O/S

I’d love to at least have parity with RW7 in the preview issue. Still, I’m wonderfully amazed with RW8. An awesome update at a most reasonable cost point!

@skypilota72 Hey TG,

Thanks for reporting this! Is there any chance you could share your project file with @dan? You can email him on dan@realmacsoftware.com

We’re very keen to figure out what’s going on here - RW8 should definitely not be slower than RW7.

Since you’ve got 4 SSDs, could you also share some details on which one your OS is installed on and which one RapidWeaver is running from please?

Thanks in advance,


Congratulations Realmac! Nice update to an already great piece of software.

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I have already sent a request into RMS regarding this. I use 1 SSD for the O/S and apps, and the other 3 for audio/video/preview/cache for Adobe Photoshop/Premier/Illustrator/After-Effects.

If you haven’t yet check out the new resource manager. It allows drag and drop both to the resource manager, and into RW. It lets you add a remote resource (aka Warehousing). So far haven’t hit any errors yet.