RapidWeaver 8.6 is now available!

I’m pleased to announce RapidWeaver 8.6 is now available. This is a great little update with neumerous fixes and is recommend for all users. Check out the list below to see what’s new:

What’s New in 8.6?

  • External CSS files now update correctly in Preview
  • Fixed an issue with Resource Macros and SVG files
  • Fixed an issue where RapidWeaver wouldn’t launch because of Quicklook
  • Fixed a few issues with the Engineer theme
  • Various other under the hood fixes and improvments

Download RapidWeaver 8.6 directly from Realmac Software, via the App Store, or even on Setapp!

More details over on the blog:

Stay safe, and happy weaving!


Thanks. I can confirm that external CSS files linked via a resources macro in global head container do now get their paths resolved and it’s back to functional.

Unfortunately, externally linked javascript files referenced via resources macros in the global body container do not resolve - the macro is not being resolved. However the .js can be reached by manually setting the the path to "…/…/resources/script,js"so there is a sort of workaround, I suppose.

Hardly important though, considering. And a big well done for getting an update out at all under the circumstances. :+1:


Hi guys,
I still have this problem… since the last upgrade, that the program crashes when I publish to S3. here is the log… could someone help me… because this is going to be a dealbreaker for me…

try sending that log to support@realmacsoftware.com

Ok… I did.

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since i updated, to 8.6 when i load the files to A2 hosting its missing the index file tried many times and its not producing one and fixes on this

when uploading from rapid weaver to A2 hosting, rapid weaver is not producing a index file

Did you check the box draft by any chance for the page you want to use as homepage?

yep, just spent 2 hours with live chat to try and resolve this problem, it seems the index file is not going in the correct folder, after 2 hours we where between us unable to resolve the problem, even tried to move it manually, only the home page become live, it was ok before up date to 8.6, there many be more experiencing this problem

The place the index file is stored is defined in the publishing settings in the PATH field.

For example:
If my website is https://example.com then the path would be just /
If my website is https://example.com/test then the path would be /test/

What are your settings?

btw: in some cases it was resolved by deleting the complete publishing setting and create a new publishing setting…

all the above have been done, one agent was guiding me to reconfigure, which i followed his advise then nothing would work correctly so i reverted back to the original settings now its gone from bad to a f…ing nightmare, all the config are correct and paths are correct, test works well, but when you click publish it wont connect to A2 servers
had another agent who took me into terminal and wrote a code info come back and now they raise a ticket… im not sure if its A2 or rapidweaver which is the problem

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