Help with redirect URL for german umlaut / htaccess please

Hi, this might be a bit off topic, but perhaps s.o. could help me. I need to redirect a URL to a new URL in the htaccess.

Old URL:ür%20glasreinigung%20büro%20und%20schaufenster%2048268%20greven.html

New URL:

For the spaces inside the URL it is sufficient to use " " and the redirect works fine, e. g.
Redirect 301 "/adler solar und photovoltaik reinigung.html" /solar-und-photovoltaikreinigung/index.html

But I am at loss with these Umlauts. Who invented them anyway? Oh, might have been my folks :slight_smile:

The Server is Apache, apart from this I have not much information.

So if anyone has a clue I am grateful.

Thanks for reading!

Never tried this in a URL but diacriticals can be displayed In html with numerical values similar to the blanks in the example above(%20).
I don’t believe you would be able to do this within the quotes ".

You could try testing it out tester. Don’t know if it would work.
Some resources to help.

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Thanks - the quotes work fine. The numerical values do not work in the htaccess.

Have you tried with the ü placed in the URL within the quotes?

Yes, same result

Did you get it to work? Saw you posted for help on the new RW4all forum.

If you have gotten it resolved by multiple posting please indicate it on “all forums” so Folks will stop looking for a solution for your problem.

Thank you, not yet. For a quick solution I am using a direct inside the old page html now, based on:

But I would prefer this to be in the htacess with a 301 so that google can use it properly.

Thanks again,

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