Help with tripadvisor

**Hi everyone **
Not sure if I am posting at right place. I am trying to add tripadvisor badge to my website. I use the HTML stack to include the following code as an example :

  • TripAdvisor
` **which give me the result below with shouldn't be like that** **can anyone help me with this problem?** **Thanks**
  • TripAdvisor

Have you tried to highlight all of the text and choose Ignore Formatting? That will sometimes fix issues with copy/pasted code.

Tried no change with simple widgets like the one that just show an icon things seems to work but with the ones withe some data all of them pretty much show up the similar way.

I’m having a similar issue. The widget worked with my RW6 project using Japanese Fantasy, simply by pasting the code into the edit page, but porting over to RW7 and changing to a different theme and I get the same thing of just the trip advisor logo and no content.

I found this in my search for an answer but having tried to paste it into the BODY section I just get a trip advisor logo at the very very bottom of the page.