Landers theme iphone not responsive

I am using the Landers theme to build my website and for some reason when I try to preview it in iphone mode the photo that I added does not get smaller to fit on screen. It’s on the home page the photo, I just dragged it into the text space.
Any suggestions?


Please post the URL, otherwise it’s difficult to help.

and also I can’t see the navigation anywhere, nor could I see it in preview.

Thank you in advance:-)

Not sure about the responsiveness, but your menu is there, just the color white, find the settings for the menu and change it.

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Oh great, thank you! I didn’t realize that it is just supposed to be a menu button, that is new to me.

Who can I ask about the responsiveness of images in iphone preview?

It looks as though the theme isn’t scaling images dropped into the Styled Text page type. Images in Stacks pages scale fine, so if you have Stacks I’d switch page types.

Otherwise, I’m sure @MultiThemes can help.


Not sure why the images are not behaving responsively in that theme, but this will make them responsive:

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

Put it in the CSS site-wide code in Settings.



I have a slow and unreliable internet connection. The second image took a long time to load compared with the first so it might be worth checking the file sizes.


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Yes, Greg is right. That file is 3.8 mb so it needs to be optimized.

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in NON stacks pages you must use an option available in the “combo” options list.

hope this helps

thanks @robbeattie

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Thank you Michaelangelo,

when I enable that, the social media buttons in my side bar, which are just images with links, blow up and are super pixilated. But the code that David told me to put in the side bar worked.

Could you also help me with my banner? I created a banner with my logo and added tons of white space around it but it the butterflies are still being cut off at the top.

Also, do you have a suggestion on how I can move the menu button from the left to the right?

And one more thing…My images when seen on the computer in portfolio, are super big after clicking on the thumbnail.

Thank you so much.

Hi Robbeattie,

I am picking up where I left almost a year ago and was wondering if you have a suggestion for how to change to a stack page without loosing the content of what I have already. Sorry, might be a dumb question, but I am fairly new at this. :smile:

Oh I thought I was replying to a post, and thought you could see what I am talking about.
The Banner in the Landers theme is not behaving and I got the newest Stacks now and wanted to try switching to a Stacks page instead to see if the scaling of my banner will behave.

Can you give us a link to the page you want to change to a Stacks page and tell us what page type you’re currently using for the page?



The link is and I am using the Landers theme and most my pages are styled text I think. I just started rebuilding the website using stacks, which I am loving but I thought maybe there is an easier way around then starting all over again by just switching a page to a stacks page.

Thank you Rob for your response.

Hi Leonie,

there’s no shortcut really - though you’ll be able to copy and paste text from the Styled Text pages into Text stacks easily enough (just use paste and match style option from the Edit menu). You’ll also be able to re-use the images using the Image stack and take the opportunity to convert some of the test from images into actual text (for example on the Glitter page) which will help SEO a bit; and I’d add links to your client logos as well.

I’d use it as an opportunity to explore different ways of displaying the content as well - lots of vendors have sales on at the moment (you can buy all Doobox’ stacks for £50 I think) - and if you just convert each page slowly one at a time you’ll have all sorts of fun discovering different stacks and what they can do. I’d also recommend looking at Big White Duck stacks - these are donationware and there are several stacks - like Paragraph and Header Pro - which are indispensable.

Good luck,


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Thank you Rob, that was very helpful and I will definitely follow your advice!

Happy Holidays,

Hi guys,
So now I am making another website, this time with Stacks and again my banner is not being responsive on the iphone. I tried making the image smaller, it is now 1.5 MB, I put the CSS coding, hmmmm, now I am lost.
The website is

Thank you,