Help! with using images

I want to host my own pictures. Either in the Resources of RW or with Forklift ftp.
I don’t care which one, I just want the easiest but cleanest method…

I have made a mess of my images, trying to get RW to work.

I thought about making a folder in my Cpanel with Forklift and ftp images.
(hoping i don’t run into permission problems)

But, I see I can not drag and drop an image into the image areas into Production stack.
(from the resources side panel nor Forklift panel)

How do I get images in my Production stack???
Do I need to ‘make an image folder on my computer desktop’ and drag and drop from there??

I downloaded and installed the Embed stack but it says it loaded but I can’t find it searching my RW library.

Anyone??? Please…
I’ve been at this all day and just keep running into walls.
Just tell me what to do!! :woozy_face:

I’m using:
Forward theme
Production by Cates
RapidCart Pro

Check this out… what you want to do is warehouse images: Free eBook - Warehousing in RapidWeaver


Thank you, but I can not get the Embed stack mentioned to show up in my work… Is there a different way than using the Embed stack?

What version of RW are you using? Did you try dragging it on to the RW program to install it? It’s possible it installed in another version? Do you know where your add-ons folder is?

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Thank you!!! I recognize your pict. :slight_smile: You have helped me before.
Thank you very much LSPhoto!
Oh, and I found it. :wink:

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Great! Happy to help :slight_smile:

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Oh Lisa,
I can’t get it work
I’m putting an embed onto a stack page.
Choosing image.
Linking to my ftp pict.
When I look at my published page there is nothing there.
Does it sound like I’m I doing it wrong?

How did you choose your image? Are you dragging and dropping or warehousing? If warehousing, did you follow directions to linking your image via the path? Does it show in preview mode? Can you screenshot your settings in RW?

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I copied the link Forklift gives
I put a pict into warehouse folder in cpanel, which I can access with Forklift.
It does not show in preview mode.

Can’t be a ftp link…must be a http link


Copy URL not link


Not a link?
I changed it to an http link…
Put it on this page, and it is not showing.

I thought you were trying to link to an image?

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What Joe said. the link needs to be a path to your server where the image is stored. It should be a jpg file.


LOL yes, i am… Trying… Ugh

I’m trying to put this image
To above page.
I changed the image link from ftp to http too

Try this:

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It worked!!!
Does this look right too??
Thank you so much!!!test

looks good

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