Question about image in RW resource vs drag and drop

I store all my image files that I use for web development in a cloud folder and I drag / drop the image file from cloud folder to the stack when needed.

I am wondering about the same image file that I use repeatedly on the same RW project. Does RW use the same image file when I drag and drop repeatedly or it create another space for the same image file causing RW to grow in size?

Is better to drag image file to RW resources folder then add image from there?

The rapid weaver resource folder has always had a lot of issues. For one thing you can’t drag and drop from it, but must use a “macro” to access the images.

If you drag and drop the same image to different stacks Or page, RW or web browsers will treat them as different images. No way for RW or a browser to know it’s the same.

This is one of many reasons why many users use server stored images aka warehoused. Might want to have a look at this free ebook.

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Macro? I thought you just tick the warehouse image box and then select the image from the resource drop down menu?

If the stack your using supports linked images then yes you can select it from the link list. If you want drag and drop then you can’t other then the macro option.
Lots of folks have had issues with publishing from resource folder.

I see that on some of the stacks there is no “Warehouse image” option to choose from

If you can use the resource link option, you can use an URL to an image, it doesn’t have to be called warehoused. Some stacks only allow drag and drop.

Most image stacks do allow using an URL.

URL seem to work the best when using images in resources folder.

I got a couple more of questions about resource …

If I create a folder in resource example “images” place all images in it, does it clone folder name on web server and place images in it. I can use resources just about anything digital right? like pdf, audio, video etc? in it own folders?

When a file is deleted from RW resources, does it also delete the same file from web server?

Thank you for your feedback and inputs!

I answered my own questions by experimenting

It does clone new folder within resources folder on the web server but it does not move or delete files that are moved in or removed from RW resources

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