Help with WP-blog

(Craig L. Adams) #1

My blog is not showing up correctly since the switch to RW7. I’m not sure what happened. I emailed the developer of the WP-blog add-on, but he did not reply.

Because the blog is no longer active, it is not a pressing concern for me, but it IS an embarrassment to have the old articles showing up with such poor format.

If someone could take a look and give me an idea what’s going on that would really help:

Apparently it takes me a long time to ask for help.

(Jason Bostick) #2

In the web inspector, it is showing a bunch of errors on your page - mostly due to ‘mixed content’, where you have some resources coming from ‘http’ sources, when your site is a secure ‘https’ site (and as a result, sometimes these things will get blocked from loading on your page).
It looks like many of them are originating in the theme itself, so you may have to contact the developer (looks like you’re using ‘Stuffy’?). Not saying that will fix it, but it might… For any other links you have in there (looks like a couple of youtube videos for example), you’ll want to make sure that you use the secure https address in your link

(Craig L. Adams) #3

Thanks, Jason. I hadn’t thought of that.