Here's an idea for RealMac Software and YourHead Software

Every once in a while we see posts placed by new users of RW, asking in confusion about how to start using the application and what is the role of the Stacks plugin. Example: this discussion.

It seems to me, it is obvious that RMS and YHS should become one company and RapidWeaver should be sold with Stacks built-in. Let’s face it. RapidWeaver without Stacks simply does not make much sense at all (there are simpler solutions) and Stacks don’t make sense without RapidWeaver. So, why don’t you, guys, do us all a big favor and join together? Your combined talents, efforts and resources will produce less confusion, better communication between both teams and the overall better user experience. Win-win-win situation for everybody, no?

So, although this is not a request for a new feature, perhaps it can be considered for the future of RW and Stacks?

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Personally, I would rather keep them separate. What is win win?? I would rather have Isaiah and Yourhead work hard as they do to keep Stacks working the way it does. A vote no from me on this idea.

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