RW7.1 and Stacks problem

Downloaded 7.1 and it came up saying Stacks was missing and I have to download it. I’ve had Stacks 3.0.34b for a while and it’s worked in other versions of RW, including 7.0.4. Anyone with any ideas out there as I’m stumped? Also, this is the only program that doesn’t put itself into Applications. I have to move it there from Downloads, which I haven’t had to do with any other programs. This would really be confusing to newbies.

3.0.3b4 is not the latest, go here
and get 3.2.3 that is the latest.

Also, if it still shows 3.0.3b4, then you might want to open the Addons folder in the finder by holding down command-option and pushing 7. Then finding the Stacks plugin and deleting it from that folder. Then re download the version from the Yourhead site.

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Yes, that worked. I now have the proper Stacks version and it’s opened my projects. Thank you.

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