Hide pages on mobile device


I’m using rapid weaver 7 to make my new website. I’m not so very experienced in building websites, but I’m managing.

I don’t want all the pages on my website to be shown on mobile devices. The pages I don’t want to show, I use page inspector and clicked on “hide this stack: mobile”. I published it, but I still see the pages on my mobile. Do I forget something?

Is there somebody here that can help me with this? That would be great!

Hiding stacks will only hide that particular stack element on the page - it will not stop mobile devices getting to the page.

What is the reason for wanting to hide certain pages on mobile? Long term it would be better to ensure all your webpages are mobile compatible and accessible from any device.

Workaround solutions for your current situtation could include building separate desktop and mobile websites. Then use the Mobilize stack to send users to the correct website. This is the same approach websites like Facebook have taken.

Or the free RottenApple stack to hide things on your webpages that are not mobile compatible and substitute them for something that is more mobile friendly.


Thanks Will for your answer, it is very helpful.

I will look into the mobilize stack.

And I think you are right about the long term.
Thanks again!

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