Slow on mobile ..... why?

I am adjusting a site via stacks so that the mich is hidden for the mobile version
(by hiding content)
but it is still very slow on Iphone

IS there a way to find out what particular part is slowing things down (without removing step by step)

enter link description here

Seems like you forgot to insert your URL in the linking action…

Usually related to image size but could be something else… tough to figure out without a url :slight_smile:


hahaha i wrote that post really fast before dashing out… wbhile I was out I realized I hadnt added the link properly

Here it is

I’m going to hide more stuff to see if that helps.

Hi @Figory

Typically hiding content on mobile still means that the content is loaded (although not visible). This means that the mobile browser is still downloading the content THEN rendering it.

I would say I’d write a stack that removes content for mobile users (in order to optimize the speed of the site) but I’m debating the SEO implications of this. It’d be bad to have significantly less or different content. I’ll have to think about it.


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AH yes thanks Greg. Thats what I wondered… if it was hidden or gone!
So infact I have made it slower, coz I have added stacks for mobile and hidden others
Hummmmmmm Bummer!

A stack that removed content would be fab as i feel spped ios so key.

Maybe one could use a combo. Ie first use your stack and remove content completely for mobile.

Then step two… add the content back in as plain text but hide it…so it still good for SEO

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