Rapidweaver 6 CPU vs Mobile Devices (Embed Stack not scrolling)

Hi All.

I have build a side and I’m using the stack ‘Embed’ on a few pages. This works exactly as I want it with the exception that the content of the Embed plugin isn’t scrollable on mobile devices (iOS).

Is there a simply fix for this problem? And if not, Is there a simple way to direct mobile devices users to a different homepage to tell them that they should use a PC for this particular website?

I’m seriously rubbish in coding/html/css so I would need idiot-proof solution for this please.

Use RottenApple to redirect mobile users to a download of the PDF (assuming that is what you are trying to embed). Really easy to setup. No coding required.

First of all, so much appreciated for such a quick and handy respons. I will look into this as it might indeed solve my problem. Although my content is very simple, it isn’t a PDF… I’ll check it out!