Hide Stack not working correctly in iPad landscape mode

Hello all,

I am trying to hide a particular stack (Joe Workman’s Impact Video stack) on mobile devices iPhone and iPad but have it display on desktops. I have the responsive boxes ticked to not display. This works correctly for iPhones in both portrait and landscape modes and correctly for iPad in portrait but not in landscape mode.

Link to site: http://running-gully.com

I then have Michael David Designs In Motion stack with just a slide show of photos instead of video that should display on mobile devices. I have that set to display on mobile and tablet but hide on desktop as I want the Impact Video to play instead on desktops. This also displays correctly on iPhones and iPads in portrait and set to not display on desktop which also works correctly but displays on iPads in landscape mode…which it shouldn’t.

I hope all that makes sense…?? I have attached screenshots, which I hope may help.

I am doing all this as video won’t autoplay on mobile devices, so I have the photos slide show instead.

Any help, advise would be welcome and appreciated.

I am using Kinfolk theme by Michael David Design.

Also, I know the video won’t play automatically on mobile devices due to possibly using mobile data but is there a way to have it play when the mobile devices are on wifi?

Many thanks

Hi, @scottjf, it seems like the responsive break-points you are using are not flexible enough to include iPad in landscape mode. Sometimes tablet-landscape width is presumed to be same or similar to laptop screen-width.

if the Impact Video stack has its own responsive break-points, try them instead of the generic responsive break-points supplied by ‘Stacks’ plugin. If it doesn’t, or if its break-points are also not flexible enough for the tablet dimensions, use the free Useful Stack from Will Woodgate and put the Impact inside of Useful Stack. Then, you will be able to set flexible custom dimensions for the tablet in landscape mode.

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Hi Rob,

Great thanks for the advise. I will try Useful stack from Will Woodgate, as Impact doesn’t have its own responsive break-points which would be very handy…hint, hint Joe Workman.
This is most likely a stupid question but do you know what px settings width I should use for iPad landscape mode so it will hide the stack when in iPad landscape mode if I use the Useful?
Many thanks for your help
Cheers Scott

You know that Impact does not display video on mobile right?

Hi Joe, yes thanks I do and I have the responsive settings set to hide on Mobile and Tablet but what is happening is that the static image thumbnail is displaying when iPad is in landscape mode. It hides on iPhone both portrait and landscape and also iPad in portrait but does not hide when iPad is in landscape mode. Any suggestions please??
Also is it possible to modify these type of stacks so that it video does play when mobile devices are on wifi therefore using cellular data is not so much of an issue.
Thanks for all you do.
Cheers Scott

Those settings are not part of the Impact stack, you would need to contact Yourhead, particularly @isaiah about this issue. Really nothing we can do about those settings.

The issue about video is NOT using cellular data, but it is Apple’s iOS and other mobile OS’s. None of them allow for playing video on mobile. Apple feels an auto played video on mobile is wrong. Will have to try and get them to change that.