Impact stack no vid on ipad /iphone

I usually host all sites with Chillidog.
I have just published my clients new site to GoDaddy.

The home page is a video. I have used Joe Workman Impact Stack V1.4.7

It works on desktop but no video at all on Ipad or Iphone

It worked perfectly on all on my testsite while building (hosted on Chillidog)
Is this a GoDaddy thing ? Or have I gone wrong somewhere? I need to fix ASAP !
THANKS in advance for any info

There’s this on the product page FAQ:

Video slides do not appear on mobile devices

The reason for this is the iOS does not support autoplay for any video. Therefore, there is not way to start the video. Impact fallbacks to the video poster.


I thought I’d read that the latest version did work on iPhone. Its weird coz it was all good on my test site. Now that its crunch time it has decided not to !

Yeah, I seem to recall that too about it working with the update. Perhaps someone else can shed some light…

Other options might be Sections Pro (BWD) or possibly Eclipse (JW)?

Thanks so much. I’ll take a look at those. Hope to fix it before client spots it !

Well, a quick search on the Forum did turn up the update announcement from Joe:

Not sure what’s going on there…

The video can’t have sound if it’s auto play

There is no sound. Its a small clip
The thing is … It worked fine when on my test site. (chillidog)
All ok’ed by client
Then published to GoDaddy … Not working

The page doesn’t even complete loading on my iPad Pro.

Is it still up on Chillidoghosting? If so what’s the url to that version.
Is the video mp4?

No! Stupidly I deleted my test version as soon as I published for real. Because I have had such bad luck with test stuff appearing in Google (even when password protected … then taking for ever to show up on correct domain !
I will republish to test first thing tomorow (LA time)

The video file is really huge at nearly 37mg. Might be a factor?

Yes. I have got it working now.
But maybe im best having a still shot for phone and iPad
Do you think thats the best solution?

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