Hiding a entire page?

Is there a way to hide, or remove a link to a page? I have some prototype pages in my project, but it seems like the only way to hide them from my index is to actually delete the entire page, then pick it up later from a backup. Not a particularly elegant option.

It really seems like there should be something like that if for example, you want a specific page to show only for an iPad, for example.

There’s an option to set the page as a draft (won’t publish) and remove from navigation.


You can put the page into a one column stack and then go over to Inspector and delect “mobile” and “desktop”, leaving “tablet” as the only view option for the one column selection. I think that will work for you.

What’s your use case?


The problem with that is the page will still be there in navigation. If you go to it and aren’t on the selected size (tablet) you will just get an empty column. It still loads to the browser, it’s just hidden from view.

Like @instacks , I don’t understand the use case for displaying an entire page only on a selected device?

I understand wanting to not publish a page until it’s ready. That’s what the Draft Switch is for.

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Great! Exactly what I was looking for.

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