Poster 2 release

Dear community,

just released Poster 2. I know it took quite a long time, I redeveloped the whole rendering engine in order to make below features possible.

What’s new:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved SEO, including structured data
  • Mix online and offline content
  • Sorting of posts by date
  • Time dependent publishing
  • Full text search
  • Pretty URLs
  • Design your own blog layout with templating
  • and so much more…

Read here which migration options you have to bring your Poster 1 content to Poster 2.

Thanks a lot to my beta testing team!



Are we not able to hide content in edit mode anymore?

→ Drafts and Hide Content in Edit Mode

Thank you. Didn’t think of looking at the top bar.

That’s also a new feature, so no worries. It is even possible to multi select items and hide them all at once.

Hi Jannis.Is there an upgrade price for people that purchased version 1?

On a different note, I remember you were developing an analytics program for Rapidweaver. I’m curious about the status of that project.

Yes, send out with the newsletter.

Will send you a private message.

The analytics stack is still something I would like to release at some point of time.

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Saw in the roadmap intentions to release an offline editor? Just curious if you could share a timeframe window? :slight_smile:

You mean online :wink:
Working on it.

Currently have to finish some other awesomeness…

Yeah that!

Hi Jannis. I am also interested in the upgrade price for Poster 2. I purchased version 1 but did not receive the newsletter.

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