High Sierra and Rapidweaver 7

I sure there is another thread about this somewhere but I think it needs to be brought up again. With the GM of High Sierra out and a roll out date of 25th September announced when will Rapidweaver be compatible with the new MacOS?

I was looking to buy a new Mac to replace my 2009 MacPro but as Rapidweaver is one of my most used programs I can’t until I am sure it will work properly.


I think (I didn’t beta test) there’s still an issue with the latest beta and RW.

I have seen this still being reported as at least one problem.

If someone is beta testing High Sierra the GM release is available. That should be what is going to be the first live release.

I don’t geta test the OS so if one of you RW users who is beta testing might want to give it a try.

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Nope, I have tested the High Sierra GM with the latest beta of Rapidweaver 7 and it still loops the preview.

It’s an APFS issue that’s mentioned here. A fix is upcoming

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I have just updated to 7.5 which is said to have a workaround to the preview problem but it is still there!

The preview problem is still there for me as well. I’m running the High Sierra GM and RW 7.5

I’m hoping Realmac releases a new 7.5 beta soon, with a workaround or a fix. The commercial release of High Sierra is in only 6 days.


Yup, still working on it. We made good progress today, expect a beta soon!


Okay, here’s an unofficial beta, this new build should fix the constant refresh on High Sierra:


thanks a lot dan. at least for me on a 2017 macbook pro 15" and the gm build it does indeed bring back preview without looping

Yes indeed it does bring back preview without looping :smile:

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Woo Hoo, it’s fixed the preview problem for me. Thanks, I’m sure it was a simple fix and not you guys burning the candle at both ends…

Yippee! Fixes it for me, really been needing this, made my day as I have some updates to test, thanks!

7.5.1 works wonders on HS, no more preview flashing… Nicely done @dan & co :grinning: