Preview Bugging Out (High Sierra Issue)

(Tryfon Theophilopoulos) #1

Every time I go to preview, it keeps automatically refreshing every half second to every second (video - )

(Jason Bostick) #2

That’s strange. Assuming you’ve given it a reboot, I’d send in a ticket to realmac

(Tryfon Theophilopoulos) #3

Went ahead and sent them an email, thanks for the advise

(Jonathan Spencer) #4

It was a problem on the High Sierra betas but even that has been fixed with the latest beta version.

(Tryfon Theophilopoulos) #5

Just installed the beta and I’m still having this problem unfortunately :confused:

(Jonathan Spencer) #6

It must be a specific bug with certain Macs, I have the beta on a drive of my MacPro and it’s just fine. I never install beta software on my main drive, it’s just too risky.

(Simon Maddox) #7

@dan has posted about this issue on the Realmac blog:

In short: we’re aware, and believe it’s a bug in macOS High Sierra. We’re working with Apple on it, but if they don’t fix it in time we have a workaround that we can implement.

(Greg S.) #8

I am having this problem with RW 6.4 and iMac running 10.13. To my knowledge, the iMac having SSD doesn’t have any option other than APFS drive.

Has there been a workaround yet?

(NeilUK) #9

RW 7 is the only version that’s been updated to work with High Sierra.

(Dan) #10

Yeah, the fix here is to upgrade to RapidWeaver 7.