Rapid Weaver 6 and High Sierra?

Can somebody confirm if RW6 is compatible or runs flawlessly on the new Mac OS High Sierra? I know RW7 is, my question is regarding RW6, thanks in advance

Hi there,

RapidWeaver 6 support has been discontinued for over a year now, as our focus has been on developing RapidWeaver 7 and future versions.

I personally haven’t upgraded to High Sierra yet, but the reports I’ve heard aren’t the best with RW6 on High Sierra. I think that applies to most apps, actually :grin:

I don’t believe Rapidweaver 6 works properly with High Sierra! I just updated to High Sierra and when I open my projects the sidebar with my pages is gone! I have looked all over to find it. I haven’t re-published but this may be the end of pages. I’m not willing pay much for an upgrade to RapidWeaver 7.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing can happen. When you upgrade your OS, you can get into compatibility issues unless you keep your applications current as well.
High Sierra seems to have more issues than most of the other OS X releases. You may find other compatibility issues with other older apps as well.

I understand and agree; but, wanted to let the first person know what I had learned.