Old homepage is still popping up even though its been replaced

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this in the right place but I’m having an issue with my site.
I have updated the theme and built a new homepage but now when I click the company logo link in the sidebar which should return to the site homepage, the old homepage is being displayed. Is it still hidden somewhere and how can I delete it. When I publish the new site, the old homepage is still there as a default but when you click HOME in the side bar it goes to the new site!.
Has anyone experienced this? I’m sure I’ve done something wrong and caused the issue as I’m no web designer and I don’t understand enough to know how to fix it. Using Rapidweaver 7 & Multi XLabel theme. The old site was done in rapidweaver 6 using split-theme.
Clicking the Logo returns you to the old home page but clicking Home in the side bar directs you to the new one.

really confused any help would be greatly appreciated.


Link please

Sounds like you have multiple index files in the root of your site. You need to be able to view your server file to see if that is the case. Did you name the home page file something other than index.html?

Kinda of what I thought!!!

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